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EGB Communications, Inc. is a team of communication experts, technologists, designers, artists, marketers, and publishers with the central vision to deliver a total communication solution through interactive and traditional media.

We are dedicated to creating professional, engaging and connecting solutions to coincide with your targeted plans. Solutions that are functional, inviting, and appealing to your target audience.

Our technology services include:

  1. planning and designing you application
  2. working directly from your specification

EGB created the concept of Cost Per Result or CPR.  What this means is that your advertising dollars no longer pay for an impression. They no longer pay for a click on Google.  Cost per result means you only pay advertising dollars when you make a sale from the advertising.

By integrating all media Cost per Result is not possible.  The benefit to businesses is that they will never pay money ever again for advertising that is not effective.  They only pay a percentage of new revenues generated from EGB advertising and marketing methods.



Virtual Town

EGB as part of cost per result understands increasing traffic to both the retail location as well as the Internet Location will result in increased sales.  This is similar to driving traffic to a mall.  We only profit when our customers make more money.

Planning & Strategy

The expertise from your partner at EGB will help create new and exciting marketing campaigns.   We can help you find why you are not cheaper,  but you are better.  We can build buzz and make things happen online.

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