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eMail Marketing Services

eMail Mass Marketing

Increase Sales Immediately !!

1st time user? get 1,000,000 eMail sent for just $200

What we do:

  • Our Graphics Team Designs Your AD
  • You Pick Your Target Audience
  • Direct Traffic To Your Website and Improve your Search Engine Popularity Level
  • Track Click-Thru's & Open Rates (use (not affiliated with EGBLive)
    StatCounter can be used 100% free of charge - no credit card required.
    Monitor actual human activity to your website in real-time.
  • Customer Contacts You When Interested

When our programs hit, you WILL notice. By utilizing the most specific databases available and proven marketing techniques you can ensure that all of your prospects that respond will be qualified for the products you are offering. This means more closed deals and more cash in your pocket.


Solo Pricing:

Advertise to: We do it All DIY*   Order
500,000 eMail Prospects $200 $150    
1,000,000 eMail Prospects $250 $200    
2,000,000 eMail Prospects $300 $250    

* you will provide ready to send HTML or Text eMail copy.

eMail Campaigns

Keeps Your List Working, Growing and Relevant!!

More and more of our clients have us manage their eMail Campaigns.
We offer:

  • On Demand Programs
  • Daily eMail Programs
  • ByWeekly Programs
  • Weekly Programs
  • By Monthly Programs
  • Monthly Programs

Programs are suggested based on industry acceptance and cost.

Recurring eMail Campaigns consist from 500 - 100,000 eMails per blast.

We manage all email activities including Email Design, Opt-In, Opt-Out, and Database Clean up.

Prices vary from $37 per month and up all programs are customized for each client.


Texting Campaign

Same as eMail Campaigns Above


Sample Lists

Using EGBLive's advanced PermissionA+ Bulk Email Blast technology we can send solo or comingled HTML or Text email advertisements to millions of unique, Optin prospects in U.S, UK, Australia and Canada. Our Targeted Email  technology ensures that your HTML or Text email blast message gets delivered to the inbox and not the junk folder. We have enabled our email blast campaign clients reach over 500,000,000 prospects worldwide!

PermissionA+ technology lets you target your mass email campaign to prospects who have expressed an interest in one of the following categories: Business Opportunities (Network Marketing/ MLM), Weight Loss (Diet), Books & Magazines, Cars, Trucks, Dating & Relationships, Tax Preparation, Education, Office Supplies, Credit Cards, Debt Consolidation, Health & Wellness, Travel, Mortgages, Payday Loans, Run of Network.

None of the above emailing lists meet your custom requirement? Don't worry! We have 1,000+ custom lists available. Contact customer service by Phone or Email to check if we have a targeted custom list available for your business.

 "Geographic Custom Targeting" our Specialty

So, your business relies on prospects and customers within your marketplace let's say your community plus surrounding communities.  We offer programs to do just that, can kick start your email list or bring new customers to your door. Custom jobs for brick and mortar businesses only can include full eMarketing services, services extend to the web and social media for a continuous inflow on inbound and outbound traffic.

PermissionA+ Email Advertising Process:

Our advanced mass email broadcast technology ensures that your bulk email advertisement is shown to consumers who have previously expressed interest in your product or service by filling out a survey or conducting an online search. Some opt in email campaigns have an open rate as high as 3%. With over 97% of our customers placing repeat orders, we feel confident that our inexpensive and effective direct email marketing services will meet and exceed your expectations.

Ordering Instructions:

Simply email us your target selection, your email subject, your email copy and graphics, and the email quantity you desire. Make your payment directly on or call us with your credit card. Your email will be scheduled to go out within within 1 to 3 days.

Please make sure your tephone number is correct, our customer service will call all new clients for verification.