eMail & Texting Campaign Details

Want to have your own eMail marketing website? 

Free with monthly managed subscription starting at $79/mo. We do it all for you. We'll load your email list on your website, create eMails using your copy and graphics. Price vary according to volume and frequency.


$600 for website with your domain e.g. Marketing.YourDomain.Com plus $29/mo up to 1,000 email list allowed larger lists also allowed at higher monthly fee.

The Opt In Email module allows our eMail & Texting Campaign Administrators to create 'Opt In' categories and distribution lists. Users of the system can easily select which distribution list(s) they would like to Opt In/Out of. Maintenance and reports are available for administrators, and an enhanced version of 'Newsletters' is included so you can easily distribute to your Opt In lists.

  • Setup as many Opt In categories as you would like
  • Settings for each Opt In module can select display all of the Opt In Categories, or a selected few (Nice if you like to have different areas of your site(s) have different opt in categories)
  • Settings to also optionally collect the users First/Last name besides their email address
  • Settings to optionally verify the users email address after Opting In.
  • Allow existing users to manage their Opt In settings. After they enter their email address, it will send them a link to the system
  • Manage Users/Lists module to add, maintain users/categories
  • Each area of the site and each email distributed through the system is customizable within the system. Additionally you can include parameters within the emails send to users -i.e. Dear $(FirstName), ...
  • Reports for Opt In List(s) including ability to export Opt In Lists/Users to Excel
  • Settings for email subject lines, email messages, and mail SMTP settings

 Advanced Newsletter/Mail Features

  • Maintain and view previous newsletters/Email sent out through the system along with who they were distributed to.
  • Easily select from a previous newsletter to start a new newsletter/Email from a template
  • Enhanced emailing parameters. Include variables with each emailing for the user (i.e., Dear $(FirstName)…)
  • Additional Opt Out features included so that users can opt out of a particular category, or opt out of all categories