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What is "The Community Compass"?

Finally an effective system for Main Street, USA to harness the power of the Internet.  A Virtual Town is an interactive website featuring all what a town, neighborhood or community has to offer to both its people and around the world. 

With over 85% of the people using the Internet to find things, any form of web presence would be ideal. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” is even more true in the Internet, your website alone in Hyper-space is just like a tiny star in Outer-space. Where is it really? how can people find it? The chances for your website or business to be found is much greater when you are part of a larger cause.

Take for example: "We are a recycling company, we recycle and dispose computer equipment and parts. We have been in Methuen, MA for over 10 years yet we only have 2 customers from Methuen." We ask, What's wrong with this picture?
It turns out that most residents and companies don't  exactly know what's in or around them. Not to their fault:

  • the telephone book is no longer used
  • the pay per click search engines are only interested to collect the highest fees
  • Small businesses cannot afford it
  • Organic searches are dominated by the big yellow books

The Community Compass capitalizes on the strengths, and benefits from all its participants to entertain, engage and direct visitors to your place of business. Your only competition is what’s in your town.

Cooperative Advertising promotes your brand within and beyond your community. While lowering of your costs up to 400%.

Become part of a greater entity, join your Community Compass and benefit from all the synergy it creates for as little as $360/year

The Community Compass

The unique aspects that makes The Community Compass a smarter choice for businesses is built around three core principles.

  1. Dynamically Connected with Google. More ways for people to find you. Everything you post on your Virtual Town is linked to Google.
  2. Cooperative Marketing & Synchronised Advertising. Designed to increase awareness within and beyond your community. Synchronized with technology makes it last longer and reach further than any other form of advertising, all while lowering up to 400% of your advertising costs.
  3. Ultra Networkable. Use The Virtual Town features to network with friends, family and colleagues, and share your pages with Twitter, Facebook, Newsvine, etc.

An Entire Community in a Nutshell, results of coordinated efforts between residents and businesses, fascinating not only to its own people but guest and nearby communities. Ongoing surveys prove and improve its effectiveness.