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The Money Is In The List

What Highly-Successful Small Business Owners Are Doing that You Can Do Too

I've talked to plenty of entrepreneurs who are just barely eking by right now. One of the most common complaints I hear from long-time business owners is "referrals alone are just not enough anymore.”

What's really interesting is that most of them aren't doing anything different to market and grow their businesses, even though the marketplace has clearly changed.

On the other hand, I know other small business owners who've experienced unprecedented growth this year. I'm talking growth that would be considered stellar in a good economy. Even my own revenues have almost doubled again this year.

So, what are successful entrepreneurs doing differently? Based on my experience and observations here is a list of 9 things successful small business owner are doing that you can do too…

1) Forget about the state of the economy. click here to download entire article

The Service

With website registrations, the customer areas fish-bowls collecting business cards, and telemarketing calling existing clients, with other and all efforts combined the list will grow daily.

We put technology to work for your business, to grow and effortlessly maintain your list. Not only “The Money is in the List” the list could grow into its own stand-alone business. For an effective and complete marketing and advertising solution, we must consider each of the following:

  • Website and Flyers
  • Email Marketing
  • Webstore or Community Mall
  • Surveys, Press Releases, Blogs, Discussion Forums, Events, and Announcements
  • Keyword, AdWords, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media
  • Doing Something Outrageous

The website keeps your business open 24 hours a day. Your website address is the next most important address next to your Street address. In most cases we find websites are not as flexible or as smart as they need to be to help your business compete in present time. Most website are online brochures that only change when they look outdated. Nevertheless:

  • Website should be kept up to date and consistent with business brand and offerings
  • Flyers, Brochures, Emails, Correspondence, or Menus should be consistent with brand and offerings
  • All updates or changes should be mirrored throughout your communications
  • We named our service "Your Personal Marketing Assistant"

Strategic Marketing and Tactics for Immediate Results

You don't have to replace your website. We'll create a gateway to your website, business location, and will be both mobile and desktop compatible, geocoded to your location. Most importantly all we do can update your Google listing, and posts updates on Google Base.

You Personal Marketing Assistant Gateway will prove to be optimum for your businesses because it's more useful, landing it will assist, facilitates, and manages the following tasks:

 Gateway Page We built the gateway page with all the functionality necessary to conduct an effective and efficient marketing and advertising campaign.

 Email Marketing

Email Design
List Management
Email Blasts

We design, mail and manage every facet of your email marketing campaign. To send mail we use our own white listed mail servers, and we'll provide you with full analysis of how many emails sent, how many recipients opened the email, and how many times they linked to your website as a results. 

 Web Advertising


We'll create the adwords account for you and manage it. We'll work stickily with your budget. We pick the best and unique keywords and key phrases. We'll monitor it and score it for success or failure depending on results.
 Competitions & Giveaways
One way to grow your list, keep existing customers and new prospects involved is with competitions and giveaways. Our competition program automatically manages all entries, upon expiration it helps your assistant draw the competition and notify both winners and losers. Of course we never have any losers. 


Survey Development
Survey Design
Survey Analysis
Followup Suggestions

The survey tool gives you the capabilities to learn what your customers and prospects want from you. Your private report card. Learn what the next step will do for your businesses.

A survey can long or short, get a yes or no vote, help you reset your directions.


Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Something Outrageous

Try Special's Marketing for change, do something outrageous for your customer, if you have a restaurant announce a daily special to drive people in for something unusual they like. Do this in conjunction with survey results and say goodbye to coupons.

 List Creation & Management

Website Registrations
Fish Bowl Transfers
Business Card Transfers

If you don't have a list we'll help you create one. Because we really believe and mean what we say "The Money is in the List" We'll put into action every tool we have at our disposal to start and grow your list. After all, the list is what we need to show you that our marketing and advertising programs work.

Please check with us for available promotions.

 Coupons In some cases a necessary evil, in general, coupons not only lower your revenue they may even cheapen your products. We believe that a well planned Specials strategy will prove more effective than coupons.

 Content Development

General Content

We'll create any content necessary to attract the attention we need to make your marketing and advertising campaign a success.

 Social Marketing


Everyone is joining, but does it really work?

It does if it is done right. For your information having a page on Facebook or any other social site does very little for you unless you know how to advertise it.

The only way you know if anything is working for is if can quantify the results.

Promotions and Demonstrations Depending on your business, you may want to take advantage of the Promotion and Demonstration option. This option features real live product demonstrations. Usually a team of two pleasent and energetic demonstrators passing samples and or introducing or presenting a product or service, and or taking names as well as relaying instant orders to company for fulfillment. 
 Your Personal Marketing Assistant will guarantee your business will begin experiencing quantifiable results within 60 days.